Do you hate losing money?

Most of the people who place football bets end up losing money. Bookmakers make their fortune from your money. This is why they grow stronger and spread wider. On your side, you lose money, time, happiness and even hopes. You will find yourself in these costly mistakes:

EMOTIONS involve in your decision making. For example, you bet on your favorite team or you place bigger bet to recover your recent loss.

– You don’t have DATA to make reasonable decision.

– Your BUDGET is not sustainable to support you in the long-run. Remember betting is a long-term investment and not a one-day gambling.

I was in those situations. I know you hate losing money as much as I do. In fact, I lost $10,000 before I find out a way to win consistently. I want to share my tips with you so that we can all win. Your winnings do not make me lose. We can all be happy winners.

Follow my tips

I can help you in 2 ways. Firstly, you can follow my tips. Whatever I bet, I will let you know so that you can bet the same. I will share with you all the details i.e. league, teams, bet type, bet size, and reason. This will help to you save time from researching. Secondly, if you want to know how I do the research, how do I pick the match to bet, and proof of my bets, you can follow my course on Udemy. Sounds good?

How to

OK, now you want to receive my tips, here is the how-to:

  1. You understand the price. It is $20/month or $200/year. This is the small fee to keep me motivated in sending the tips out because it also means extra work for me.
  2. You make the payment to my PayPal:
  3. You provide me your Gmail account to receive the tips. Gmail is preferred because you will receive the tips immediately.
  4. I allow you to access a private Google document where I post my tips.
  5. You set a notification rule on the Google document so that whenever I update the document, you will receive a notification.

Let me know if you have any question


  1. Can I see tips in the past?
  2. How many tips do I receive per month?
    • It depends on the month. For example, most of the leagues do not play in June or July. So expect less tips in those month. On peak-time, I can have 13 tips per month.
    • If I don’t have any tip on that month, you will have the next month free.
  3. What is the winning rate of the tips?
    • It varies month by month. Have a look for yourself in Betting History. But in general, I have won consistently.
  4. Is there any commitment?
    • Whatever I share with you, I put my own money to bet on it. That is the strongest commitment.
  5. Why is it $20 per month or $200 per year?
    • It is just a small amount to keep me motivated to send you the tips. It actually means more works for me. If you buy for 12 months, you will save 20%.
  6. Can I get a refund?
    • Yes if I have not sent any tip for that month yet.
    • No if I’ve already sent a tip for that month.
  7. When do I receive the tips?
    • I will try to send my tips the earliest the possible. But I also need time to check the data carefully.
    • Some match you will receive the tip several days in advance. In the other side, some match you will receive the tip 15 minutes in advance of live in-play bets.
  8. How much should I bet?
    • I will share with you how much do I bet so that you can do the same. Or if you have bigger budget that me, you can bet higher than me. But please keep a consistent ratio between your bet size and mine.
  9. What type of bet do we bet?
    • Most of the time it will be Over (in Over/Under).