Football betting system
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June 19, 2017
Football betting system
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Sweden Superettan – Goteborg vs Angelholms – Football betting systems

Football betting system

On 21/07/2014, as part of the Sweden Superettan league, Goteborg played against Angelholms. It was the 8th of 8 matches. All 7 previous matches were Even (in Odd and Even). I placed a bet on Odd for this match and I made great profit with my football betting systems.

Bet details

The match that triggered my betting system was delayed for 2 days. It gave me a lot of time to analyze. I placed my bet on Odd and the stake was $500. At that time the odd was 1.

Football betting systems

It was the 16th round and 7 previous games were all Even. The history of Sweden Superettan proved that there is at least 1 match ending with Odd result in a round.

This round was safe to bet because it was neither the beginning nor the end of the league.

Plus, Sweden Superettan has an average of 2.85 goals per match which is quite high compared to average leagues.


2014 Sweden Superettan Football Betting Systems

The final score was 1-0 with a goal at 87th minute. My profit was $500. However, Even-Odd is not my favorite bet type. Only one goal can reverse the result. Imagine the scenario where there is another goal at 90+3? It would be a loss.

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