Football betting system
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Football betting system
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Sweden D1 Sodra – Trollhatans vs Oddevold – Betting system

Football betting strategy

On 01/09/2014, in the Sweden D1 Sodra, Trollhatans played against Oddevold. That was the last match of the 17th round. All 6 previous matches were Under 2.5. My bet was on Over 2.75 for this match and I failed. Of course there is no 100% winning betting system.

Bet details

With this betting system, I must wait until the last game of the round before I can make the decision. I placed $500 on Over 2.5 and the odd was 0.74. You can see all of my betting history.

Betting system

The history of Sweden Div 1 Sodra has at least one Over 2.75 game per round while all 6 previous games were Under 2.5.

The 17th round was good to bet because it was neither the beginning nor the end of the league.

There was absolutely no concerns about the average goals per match. This league is my favorite since it has 3.19 goals. It is very high compared to the leagues’ average.


2014 Sweden D1 Sodra Betting System

The final score was 1-1. Both of the goals were in second half. Since it was Under 2.5, I lost $500. There is nothing I can do better. Betting is like investment, there is uncertainty I cannot control.

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