Football betting strategy
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Football betting system
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Sweden Allsvenskan – Kalmar vs Hacken – Betting systems

Football betting system

It was on 28/09/2014 when Hacken visited Kalmar. In the 26th round of the Sweden Allsvenskan, the half-time score was 1-2. As one of my betting systems, I placed a bet to have more goals in 2nd half. And I won.

Bet details

After 60 minutes, the score was still 1-2. So I placed $500 on Over 3.75. The odd was very good at 0.74. For this football betting system, I only need 1 goal to have a small profit and another goal to get a bigger profit.

Betting systems

Swedish teams play aggressively so they usually score a lot of goals. On average, they score about 2.92 goals. It is always safe to bet on Over.

This league has 30 rounds and that round was 26th. I only avoid the first and the last 3 rounds. So it was fine to bet on that round.

The most important signal came from the previous match where 1st half ended with 1-2. Eventually, that match did not have any goal in 2nd half.

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2014 Sweden Allsvenskan Betting Systems

The game finished at 2-3 with 2 more goals at 70th and 73rd minute. I won a total of $370. Very happy with this game.

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