Here, you will find the must-read soccer betting books that will explain in details about the reasons and the techniques I use to bet and to win. Together with the free betting strategies, you will increase your winning rate.

Betting On Streaks: Secrets of Martingale System

Football Betting: 30+ Hidden Traps

Football Betting: Advises Worth $10,000 to Win and Enjoy

Betting on Streak

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Betting On Streaks: Secrets of Martingale System

This book is for those who are betting or planning to bet on streaks, especially those who use the Martingale System. Regardless the sports you are betting on, this book provides 2 valuable things. Firstly, it provides tools for you to collect historic data i.e. half-time score and full-time score of previous matches. With these tool you can find any patterns that happened in the recent years yourself. Screenshots are included to show you step by step. Secondly, it shares 50+ incredible events when the same results happen again and again. For example, there were 17 football games in a row that have the total score as an odd number. Everything is showed with a graphical evidence.

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Football Betting: 30+ Hidden Traps

This book is for you who want to make money from football betting and to avoid losing money because of psychological traps. You will find 30+ hidden traps that usually make people losing money. You may not know them before, but I am sure you have experienced many of them during your betting. Understanding those traps and following my advice with save you thousands of dollars. Besides, you will find the tips to help you optimize your bets and stakes.

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Football Betting: Advices Worth $10,000 to Win and Enjoy (advanced soccer betting books)

How can you earn money by betting soccer? We will show which game to bet, what bet type, how much to bet, and when to bet. No subscription required. You control everything. How can you enjoy winning bets and minimize losing bets? We will help you make profit consistently, avoid psychological traps, and learn from your own mistakes.