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Football betting system
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Japan J2 – Oita vs Cerezo – Football betting prediction

Football betting system

On 23/08/2015, in the 30th round of the Japan J League 2, Oita hosted Cerezo. At the end of the first half, the score was 1-2. I followed a football betting prediction that suggests me to bet on Over.

Bet details

The score was still 1-2 at the 60th minute of the match. And I placed $500 on Over 3.75. The odd was 0.83. In that football betting prediction, I only needed 1 goal to get a small profit. If there is another goal, the profit will double.

Football betting prediction

The data of Japan J2 has proved that a match will have about 2.19 goals. It is a much lower figure than my norm. Anyway I gave it a try by betting a small amount because of the below reasons.

This 30th round was safe to bet because it was neither the beginning nor the end of the league.

The irresistible signal was from the TWO previous matches where 1st half ended with 1-2. And they did not have any goal in 2nd half.


Japan J2 - Oita vs Cerezo - Football betting prediction

The final score was 1-3 with goals at 2nd, 10th, 28th and 75th minute. The last goal brought me half of the potential profit. It was $207.5. Thank you Japan! 🙂

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