Football betting system
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Football betting system
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Finland Ykkonen – Jyvaskyla vs Ekenas – How to win football bet

Football betting system

On 15/09/2015, in the 21st round of the Finland Ykkonen, Jyvaskyla hosted Ekenas. It was the last match of the round. Following my “How to win football bet” guideline, I placed a bet on Over 0.75 for the First Half.

Bet details

This time, my bet is only in the first half, not full time. I placed $500 on Over 0.75 and the odd was 0.69. The bet was placed before the game start.

How to win football bets

The history of Finland Ykkonen has showed that for every consecutive 2 rounds (10 matches) there will be at least 2 game where HT has goal(s).

This 21st round was safe to bet because it was neither the beginning nor the end of the league.

There was no concerns about the average goals because this league has 2.93 goals per match which is more than necessary.


Finland Ykkonen - Jyvaskyla vs Ekenas - How to win football bet

The HT score was 2-0 with two goals at 12th and 28th minute. My profit was $345 which was cool for me.

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