Football betting system
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Football betting system
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Bulgaria Pro League – Haskovo vs Lovech – Football betting strategies

Football betting system

On 13/12/2014, in the 19th round of the Bulgaria First Professional League, Haskovo hosted Litex Lovech. It was the third match of the round. Following my football betting strategies, I placed a bet on Over 4.75 when the score was 0-4.

Bet details

This time I did not have to wait until the last game of the round. I placed $500 on Over 4.75 and the odd was 0.74. It was the 60th minute of the game.

Football betting strategies

The history of Bulgaria FP League has showed that there is at max one 0-4 game per round. The first game of the round between Plovdiv and Sofia has ended up with 0-4.

This 19th round was safe to bet because it was neither the beginning nor the end of the league.

There was no concerns about the average goals because this league has 2.54 goals per match which is more than necessary.


2014 Bulgaria Pro League - Haskovo vs Lovech - Football betting strategies

The final score was 1-4 with five goals at 12th, 32nd, 52nd and 90th minute. My profit was $185 which was fine for me given I was not familiar with this league. In fact, I was very lucky because I only won at 90th minute. Whether it is a victory or a loss, I should be calm: “An investment should not be exciting.” And I consider betting as an investment.

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