July 18, 2017
Football betting system

Sweden Allsvenskan – Kalmar vs Hacken – Betting systems

It was on 28/09/2014 when Hacken visited Kalmar. In the 26th round of the Sweden Allsvenskan, the half-time score was 1-2. As one of my betting systems, I placed a bet to have more goals in 2nd half. And I won.
July 5, 2017
Football betting strategy

Sweden D1 Sodra – Trollhatans vs Oddevold – Betting system

On 01/09/2014, in the Sweden D1 Sodra, Trollhatans played against Oddevold. That was the last match of the 17th round. All 6 previous matches were Under 2.5. My bet was on Over 2.75 for this match and I failed. Of course there is no 100% winning betting system.
July 1, 2017
Football betting system

Hungary NB1 – Diosgyor vs Kecskemeti – Betting strategy

On 18/08/2014, in the 4th round of the Hungary NBI, Diosgyor hosted Kecskemeti. It was the last match of the round. All 7 previous matches were Under 2.5. I placed a bet on Over 2.5 for this match and the betting strategy succeeded this time.